Welcome to Rogge Insurance!

What Rogge Has to Offer To Become An Outside Sales Agent:

  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Training by mainly Webinar and Video  
  • Personal Lines Insurance Licensing with Indiana  
  • Easily learn the business by Mentoring   
  • Mentorship: be assigned to an Experienced Agent to assist you in making Money  
  • Easy steps  to work Independently through Rogge at your own speed     

Mentor Assisted Outside Agent:

  • Your Mentor will work with you on Quoting and selling in the Beginning
  • 33% of the Agency Commission is your Money, with your Mentor’s help  
  • The Magic of Insurance is you would Receive commission every time a policy Renews  
  • Simply the more people Insured the more commissions earned 

The Culture:

  • Fast, Fair, Fun, and Friendly 
  • Quick Videos of How we Quote & Sell Insurance    

Our Websites:

  • RoggeInsurance.com
  • ClassicPolicy.com

Outside Agent:

  • 50% of the Agency Commission is your Money when you sell completely on your Own  
  • Of the $ in Agency commission you earn $
    $1000 Policy $ Agency commission you earn $ 
  • Once you earn over $ in commission and are able to Quote & Sell flawlessly you may become an Outside Producer 

The Structure:


The Industry:

This is a Great Industry we don't have Inventory to maintain or ship

Its required by law to have it for Auto

Mortgage Companies require it for Homes


We Market to a variety of businesses that drive referrals
Multiple marketing campaigns 
Neighborhood Canvasing
We have local based ads in Northwest Indiana
Restaurant Ads, Billboards, TV Guide Flyers   
Clubs host shows on our two acre front yard
Special Office Events  

Social Media, Websites, Online Quotes

Community Organizations:
Merrillville-Crown Point, Schererville Chambers
Merrillville Rotary

Commissions are Structure:

Mentor Assisted 33.3%

Outside Agent 50%

Company Guides and Materials

Procedures and Products 

What each Company is Known for

Logins, Billing, Phone Number all in one Place

Step by Step Method to get it right

Insurance Licensing


There are two main licenses offered for Property and Casualty insurance

Personal Lines with Commercial license -or- Personal Lines only license

Two and a half days of class time is required to take the Indiana Personal Lines (only) License test

The Pre-licensing Classes:
Webinar based class -or- Actual class room study 

Quizlet Flash Cards

Indiana Department of Insurance


Insurance Dept Licensing Check List


Test Scheduling:

1st day of class, print out "Important Instructions for Completing and Submitting the Certificate of Completion Form!" and fill out the last page. (They will give you the website)

Go to www.examstimulator.com and register with book product code (on inside cover) to start studying and testing your knowledge.

Start with "Study by topic" to test what you learn in class.

After "studying by topic" you will want to "stimulate your exam"

After "stimulate your exam" you will want to print out your results. You MUST fax/email your "application for a prelicensing certificate of completion in Indiana" and your results from when you "stimulate your exam" no later than noon TWO days before your exam. You need the certificate they email/fax you to take with you to take the exam!

Exam Scheduling
Go to www.examstimulator.com
Login to your account
Go to Main menu and click on "Schedule your real exam"
Click on "Click here to contact your test provider"
Click "Applicant Registration" (Upper right hand corner) and register for your exam.

We will Reimburse you for half of the Class fee, once you pass the state exam.

The Indiana State Test cost is about $75.50 

Webinar License Class: About $250+ $75.50 = $325.50
Classroom Study in Merrillville: About $385 + 75.50 = 460.50

The Classroom option is more expensive, but greatly improves your ability to pass the state exam.  
The test offered nearly daily at the local Ivy Tech campuses in Valpo or Gary

Study Tips:

Brittany's tips:
I went through and highlighted key terms and things I thought would be helpful. After each concept, I went through and answered all the "snapshot" questions. I found all the answers in the book so I knew the answers were correct. After I went through the whole book and answered all the "snapshot" questions, I did "study by topic". I then went and put all the snapshot questions on flash cards and tried to answer the flash cards without looking at the questions. I took "stimulate your exam" about twice a day. I also went back and "study by topic" when I wasn't getting the scores I wanted.

Hailey's tips:
I went through the book and read the entire book. if I found something that I did not understand I would write it down and find it in the boom when I reread it. When I reread the book I highlighted what I thought would be important. The questions I wrote down I would highlight them in a different color so I could study them more. When taking the class if I found something that was important or that I would need to study more I would highlight it with a different color to study at a later time.

Read the book throughout before the class!

How to Get Started:

 We Help you get your Insurance License
Indiana requires 3 to 5 days Class time
to qualify to take the State Insurance Exam 


The costs to get started

The Indiana State Test cost is about $75.50 Webinar License Class: $250+ $75.50 = $325.50 

Classroom Study in Merrillville:  About $385 + 75.50 = 460.50

The Classroom option is more expensive, but greatly improves your ability to pass the state exam.

Setup Meeting Timeline:

Date & Time:  TBA

Location: 1500 E 73rd Ave, Merrillville

Contact: Doug Rogge 219-738-2838


The sections below describe some of the specifics of Insurance and the training offered:

First Meeting Agenda:


Our 1876 Office Building/ the Boyd Homestead

Part of the Lincoln Highway that crosses the Nation


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The Rogge Agency was started in 1923 on 5th Ave in Gary

Founder: George C Rogge 1923
 Don C Rogge 1945
George A Rogge 1967
 Doug A Rogge 1990

George A Rogge's focus is Fast, Fun, Fair, & Friendly

George has deep community and Event Involvement

Doug  Enthusiasm = Success!

The Concept:

Bringing Amazing People into Insurance
By Showing How Money is Made in the industry
Easy Scripted Video and Webinar Training
Knowing Exactly What to say and Do makes selling Insurance Easy

Darren Sugiyama

Sugiyama Scripting and Contacting People

Sugiyama Motivation

Ted Talks:

Buzz word Grit = Perseverance –sticking to it!